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The Montgomery County Comic & Cosplay Club is a 501(c)7 non-profit membership association. That means we collect dues from our members but don't use those dues to make a profit. No one gets paid in the MCCCC. Not our leadership, our board of directors, or our volunteers. The only time a person would get paid is if we contracted them to do a service (like audio visual services at our annual meeting).  We use the dues to pay for event space and for things that make our club and annual meeting better and more fun for our members! We also use dues for our charitable work, such as scholarships and charitable giving.


About The Montgomery County Comic & Cosplay Club

The Montgomery County Comic & Cosplay Club is a social club of people who are passionate about comics, anime, and cosplay - and everything related to it! Not only do members come together at social events and on social media, but they host their annual meeting - Monkey Con - a convention with media screenings, seminars, contests, cosplay, vendors, and more!

The Montgomery County Comic & Cosplay Club is super happy to be partnered with Superhero Causeplay Support, a 501(c)3 charity organization made up of passionate and talented cosplayers who donate their time and resources towards community growth and health. They commonly support hospitals, fire departments, children's programs, and other charitable or community events. Besides having the same charitable mindset as MCCCC, they will be lending a hand in running, operating, and judging at our annual meeting, MonkeyCon. Visit them at




John Ayche
MCCCC President

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